Sage Method Series Fly Rods - Closeout

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The Sage Method Series Fly Rods are the fastest speed rod series that Sage offers. If you prefer ultra fast line speed then the Method Series are for your casting style. Blazing fast, these fly rods possess a sweet spot that enables the caster to achieve maximum distance with pinpoint accuracy.  Aesthetically pleasing, each rod has a gorgeous red blank and top of the line components. The wonderful fishing experience provided by these rods will give you as an angler an experience that won't be forgotten.

The Sage Method Spey and Switch models are two-handed rods specifically designed for anadromous fish or those in between venues. The Sage Method two-handed and switch rods will confidently handle a Skagit head, as well as turn over the heaviest steamer. Achieving the maximum distance accurately with this Sage Rod Series lets the fly angler cover the most water with the most efficiency possible.