Echo TR Two-Handed Fly Rods - Closeout

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Echo TR Two-Handed Fly Rods are probably the easiest casting Spey rods there are. An Echo TR Two Handed Rod is fast, with a stiff lower section to enable the angler to apply power at the end of the casting stroke abruptly to tighten the loop. The Echo TR Two-Handed Fly Rod Series is versatile enough to throw the heaviest of sink tips and so innovative that Echo has developed a 4 Wt. version that is fast becoming many an anglers' favorite rod. The best characteristic of these wonderful rods is that they fish as well as they cast. This makes Echo TR Two-Handed Fly Rods one of the best rod series out there.

Tim’s faster action “rebuttal” to Dec’s smoother casting DH rod. Built with a slightly beefier butt section for those abrupt, bottom-hand power applications. Touch and go to Skagit casting, floating lines to big sink tips. It’s dialed.